Monday, January 21, 2008

And reality strikes

I have a personal bias that causes me to wish that the world will be a better place in the future. Unfortunately it looks like we will be going through a rough patch before we get there. In the USA we have a monetary situation where it is extremely likely that our elected officials will cause a DEPRESSION, instead of allowing the market correction that needs to occur.
Part of the problem is the insatiable addiction to oil, and the fact that we are currently using everything that can be pumped out of the earth. Global warming is another piece, and global pollution and the wholesale resource depletion, both on land and at sea is another.
The hope that I have is based on the possibility of nuclear fusion research, which is proceeding after the death last year of Dr. Robert W. Bussard.

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Roger said...

MSNBC reported first plasma with the new device, WB7. Bussards team continues its work.